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We are available for all services and works related to any doors guarding your garage entry. We are ready to give you our work to keep your garage doors in the best shape. You don’t need to look anywhere else for high-quality services.

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Garage Door Opener Repair

Almost all models and types come as a package with an opener model. As many garage owners strive for a more convenient and automated garage, openers are popular additions to any garage.

There are various brands of openers that we have mastered in service. We can cater repairs for Chamberlain, Craftsman, or LiftMaster openers. You don’t need to worry as our technicians have extensive knowledge of fixing any opener.

Garage Door Spring Repair​

We offer our spring repairs for all garage owners with broken or damaged springs in the mechanism. There are two types of springs inside the garage: garage door torsion springs and garage door extensions springs.

Both springs have different pros and cons. However, they are the same in one thing. These springs need regular adjustment to prevent spring damage and eventual issues with other system parts. Moreover, it’s best to get a repair immediately for severe spring problems.

Garage Door Opener Installation

The installation of the opener device can be complicated since there are many parts you need to assemble well. Moreover, this device uses power to function correctly, which can be very dangerous without the proper knowledge of electricity requirements.

It’s best to call for professional technicians to set up the openers. Moreover, another device that you can add to make the garage safer is the garage door sensors. Keep the garage extra safe by ensuring a fully working sensor and auto-reversal from the opener.

Garage Door Cable Repair​

The cables and the door springs work together to lift heavy door panels. The springs provide the force to carry the panels while the cables balance these panels along the tracks.

Snapping cables can lead to one side of the tracks gaining heavier loads inside. This can lead to damage and, eventually, an unsafe garage area. Book for immediate repairs for the cable systems of the mechanism.

Garage Door Roller Replacement

One of the best things you can do is replace all the rollers when one roller has damage. Chances are if one roller is fragile, others will eventually follow in subsequent events. Be efficient and economical by replacing all the rollers with one service.

Roller replacement can take a lot of work and time since you deal with many pieces at once. Our team can efficiently change the rollers inside your garage.

Garage Door Installation

There’s nothing as exciting as adding a beautiful part inside your garage. Garage doors come in many designs and types. You are not limited to a set number of designs. Practice your creativity and invest in the most complementary doors for your garage.

Invest in the installation service next to guarantee a long-lasting mechanism. Getting a solid foundation for the parts of any design is key to making the entire door system last longer.

Commercial Garage Door Services Pasadena MD

Garage doors are not only for homes and residential properties. Commercial establishments and business locations use these doors to guard the site. However, we are a team that has knowledge and experience for both residential and commercial doors.

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Commercial garage door repair

Commercial repairs often require more aspects to cover. Most commercial rolling doors or commercial roll-ups have additional features such as fireproof capacity and high-speed test. Damages and severe issues in any part affect these features of the doors. Our team offers repair services to address problems and ensure that your commercial doors are fully restored to function. 

commercial garage door installation

Commercial garage door installation

It’s never too late to add a commercial rolling door to your business. It’s for the business’s best interests that you keep a fully functional addition to the site. Protection and safety are crucial aspects if you want to keep a danger-free business for your customers and clients. Our team can aid you in selecting and installing the best-fit commercial doors for your business needs.

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Slick Garage Doors is a professional garage door company. If you’re located in the Pasadena MD area, all you need to do is give us a call for your garage door needs. We offer various repairs and installation services to all garage owners in the area.

We provide only high-quality and long-lasting repairs to ensure you have a damage-free door system. You don’t need to spend immediately on a complete door model replacement. Call us for inspection and the best repair recommendations for your doors.

Our installation services cover various designs and brands of doors. We have given installation for doors from Amarr, Clopay, and Wayne Dalton. In addition, we have given installation service both for homes and commercial establishments. There’s no reason your business should lack the protection that commercial roll-ups can offer.

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