Garage Door Spring Repair Bowie, MD

Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement on All Door Makes. Heavy Duty Torsion & Extension Springs Rated For 10,000 Cycles.

Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement

Call Slick Garage Doors today for spring repairs and replacements. The springs in your garage door operate very much in the background, but they age faster than many other parts. They need to be replaced when they weaken or snap due to wear and tear. Fixing garage springs however is the job of a trained professional with the right tools. Do not try to replace springs yourself; if done improperly, the door can fall, causing danger to your family, and damage to other parts of the garage door. Contact us at Slick Garage Doors for services when your garage door springs need repair, adjusting, or replacement. We have garage door experts ready to answer your calls and find solutions 7 days a week.

Garage door spring repairs are very common because springs generally have a limited lifespan compared to other garage door parts. Rust is one major problem with garage springs. Therefore routine garage door maintenance is highly recommended and will greatly help keep your garage door in good condition. Call us at Slick Garage Doors if you need maintenance services or garage door spring repair.

Whether you have a broken spring or your springs need adjusting to restore the garage door to a balanced position, we have specialists available 7 days a week to provide the service. Don’t wait for your garage door to break down completely, which can easily happen when the springs give. We offer you affordable rates both for garage door maintenance and spring repair/replacement.

Once the broken spring is replaced, our technician will make sure your garage door is properly balanced and make sure the rest of the garage door system is in proper working condition. After every job we do, our technicians inspect the entire system to make sure there is no other problem.

At Slick Garage Doors we make it a point to perform the full 25-point safety inspection after any garage door spring repair or replacement, all free of charge, to check that your garage door will operate reliably and safely after we have done the repairs. Springs carry very high tensions and a bad repair could quickly make the door unsafe to operate, or stress other garage door parts.

We want to stress the need to have regular maintenance for your residential, commercial, and industrial garage doors. Some simple tasks you can probably handle yourself, such as cleaning the safety eyes, or lubricating the visible moving parts if you refer to the door’s manual, but any complicated repairs should be referred to a trained technician in your local area. We have got you covered in Bowie for garage door spring repair and garage door maintenance. Call Slick Garage Doors any time you need the service.